Saturday, October 8, 2016

SSPA Power Supply - Mounted in it's Home

This is the first time I've mounted the power supply up in the 19-inch rack that will house both the power supply and the four-pallet BLF188xr *water-cooled* amp.  That's right, water cooled...oh, I didn't mention that to you before?  :-)  Yeah...I bought some very nice water-cooling plates for the next phase in this project.

Anyway...I digress.

So here's a few pictures of the control panel with the power supply mounted just below it in it's permanent 19" rack home.

(yeah, excuse the mess on the floor :-)  
When you do this much work 
in a short period of time things get a little messy :-)  

The next thing I need to do is clean up this wiring and get the Ammeter wires re-connected also.  

I really wanted to get all of this mounted in a box where it wouldn't extend out the back like that.  But this was the least expensive option I had at this point.  Most likely I'll build a box in the next revision of the power supply.  Because I really would like to have it all fit in the rack front to back. 

But for now this is all working great.  And I can live with the way it looks.

The next phase is to order the RF amp parts, and start building that.  I don't think it take nearly as long as this power supply did.  I'm glad I started this 'winter project' when I did.  

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