Tuesday, November 30, 2021

160m - DT8A -GC07 - South Shetland Islands - Heard Me


Friday, November 5, 2021

6m - SDRPlay RSPduo - Diversity RX Tests


160m - VK3HJ - QF22 - Australia - Worked!


160m - VK5PW - PF95 - Australia - Heard


160m - ZL2OK - RE89 - New Zealand - Worked!

For my RX today I'm using the SDRPlay "RSPduo" which just replaced my "RSP2pro" that I've been using for a good 8+ years now.  Both are Fantastic!  I was running in 'diversity' mode using the Inverted L, and my 800 ft EU Beverage array together.  

I'm hoping to put up a 918 ft long beverage this weekend or in the next week at least unterminated to try to catch more of SPAC.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

160m - Inverted L Update

Today I spent some time rearranging things, and sort of weather-proofing a bit for the winter.  I'm pretty happy with this setup now so I wanted to button things up a bit.  It's NOT fancy!  Total budget job, but it's been performing better than I would have thought all things considered.  I'm still learning as I go even after 35 years in the hobby.  

160m - ZL2RVW - RE54 - New Zealand

This was essentially off the back of the en-echelon beverage array I use which is aimed at 43 degrees.