Thursday, December 30, 2021

6m - ZL7DX - AE16 - Chatham Islands - Heard Me


160m - VK6EI - OF78 - Australia - Heard

This is probably my latest distance record on 160m at 18,547 km.

160m - NL8F - AO63 - Alaska - Worked #49


Sunday, December 19, 2021

160m - HV0A - JN61 - Vatican City - Heard


160m - JAs - Heard in the Evening Opening

This is the first time I've copied JA's in the evening here.  I've been waiting for it since October, but finally saw a JA3FYC and JR1AIB working EU this evening right at my local sunset. 2117z - 2146z (so far)

60m - XV1X - OK33 - Vietnam - Heard

This morning I heard XV1X from Vietnam on 60m @ 5.357 Mhz.  I've never heard this country on any band before so it was exciting.  I don't have a TX (transmit) antenna for 60m tho.  I could use my 160m Inverted L if I would go out and retune it, but it's worked so well on 160m, I haven't wanted to mess with it.

For my RX antenna I was using a 360 ft pair 'broadside' Beverage's