Saturday, November 22, 2014

Case ordered for Beaglebone Black / RTL Power Line Noise project

This is the Case

The case is approximately 14"x7"x7".  Which is plenty of room for the Beaglebone and Cape, 12vdc/5vdc converter, 10-port USB hub, and 4-port splitter plus small filters.

It's nothing too fancy, but it's water tight, and just the right dimensions for everything that'll be part of this mobile setup.

I plan to add an external power, and antenna port, as well as an two external USB port and possibly a power switch and status LED initially.

I will likely add a serial port connection for a remote Jackson Labs 'Fury' GPS in the future for greater accuracy than the $38 L10 GPS I am using now.

I'm also planning to add a remote Digital Compass which uses USB.  One of the external USB ports will connect to the Samsung Galaxy Note II (which is used to access the web server on the Beaglebone via USB0 networking) and the second external USB will connect to the remote Compass (since it can not be mounted around the metal case.

All in all this seems like a durable and cheap enough case.  Course there were other options, but I've always preferred Military case like this for enclosing things where durability and the possibility of getting knocked around exists.

This case, and the remote compass should arrive next week sometime.

I'll use double sided copper pcb boards cut and soldered together to separate all the discrete components inside the case, and to help reduce RFI within the case.  Of course I'll post photo's here as that part of the project progresses.

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