Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hardware Parts / Mini Project - Drive Test Unit for Power Line Noise detection

So far this is the list of items I've ordered for this project:
  • Mouser Wifi Click P/N: 932-MIKROE-1527
  • Mouser MicroSD Card 4Gb, Class 4 P/N: 908-AP4GMCSH4-B
  • Mouser Relay Click P/N: 932-MIKROE-1370
  • Mouser GPS Click - L10 P/N: 932-MIKROE-1133
  • Mouser MicroSD Click P/N: 932-MIKROE-924
  • HackRF One P/N: HACKRF1 (see note below)
  • Newark TIGAL mikroBus Cape P/N: 75x7909 
  • Mouser BeagleBone Black P/N: 595-BB-BBLK-000
    NOTE: RTL SDR Dongle (instead of HackRf) would be only $10.00. The trade off using the RTL dongle for the most part, I suspect, would be that you'd be RX bandwidth limited.  This means about 2.4Mhz of BW vs. 20 Mhz BW.  I've used RTL's over > 2.4Mhz Ranges before.  IT WORKS!  However there are a LOT of coding tricks you have to do to make this happen, and it really ends up NOT SO NICE in the end...but definitely USEABLE.

    I suspect 2.4Mhz is plenty wide enough for detecting Power line noise. :-)  But again, I'm using the HackRF One for this project to gain experience using it, and to see if I am able to use similar code that I used before with the RTL's to pull power levels (noise/signal levels).

    So that's the list (so far) cabling and other stuff I pretty much have a TON of already.  As well as Antenna's and the GPS antenna.  So I shouldn't really need much other than this list.  Again, I'm not just planning to use this gear for this project.  I have several others things I'd like to work on with the HackRF, including a beacon project (proof of concept only really).

    Anyway...that's the shopping list.  

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