Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Driveby Code to be released on GIT HUB

When I first wrote the "Driveby" code I had in mind that one day I'd like to share it with others.  I realize that sometimes all it takes is a working example of an idea for others to move forward and even better a first revision.

With that in mind I'm planning to release my code for the Driveby System in the coming weeks.  Yes weeks (maybe longer) it depends on how much other work I'm involved with how much free time I get.

Bottom line is that this code needs to be a bit better organized is all.  My plan is to create some configuration files or a GUI to edit them so that folks can just download, configure and play.  My current system uses TWO computers so I'll need to setup some options where this can all be run from a single box or many boxes as in my case.

So that's what I'm thinking.  I'm all about sharing information with others and collaboration whenever possible.  It's pointless to reinvent the wheel over and over most of the time.  So that's why I'd like to share what I've done.  And that obviously includes the code.  Such as it is.

More on this as it moves along and becomes more available soon (I hope).

As of 2015-01-27 I've started on the process...

So as promised above, I've begun the process of generalizing the code I have written for "Driveby".  This will probably take some time...maybe longer than it should.  Please realize I work a full time job as well as doing this stuff on the side as a hobby.  I stand by my promise to release this code however.  I could release it as is, but I suspect folks would be struggling too much with trying to work out configuring it all.

My hope is to create a single config file that has all the needed site specific requirements.  

I may also modify the code a bit from how it is now to make it easier to change frequencies of interest.

2015-02-03 I'm about 3/4 of the way completed with this

I'll post updates HERE as they become available.

2015-02-08 Code released here.

So this isn't for the plug-and-play crowd.  It's not really production ready either.  However, it does function.  As you've seen in previous posts on this blog.  There will be site-specific issues YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGURE OUT.  There is no installer script, this is what it is.  My personal working/functional code that I use for Driveby System.  Use it at your own risk, make you own efforts to use it yourself.  I'm not a code babysitter, and I won't hold your hand to make it work for you.

If you know how to program in PHP, and know enough about Linux to Admin it, you should do ok.  A fair amount of knowledge with PHP, HTML, Javascript ARE required if you need to make changes to how it works.  That too is ON YOU.

Think of this as a starting point that was more than I had available when I started this.  

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