Thursday, January 15, 2015

Driveby System - Concentration Areas

I've marked out some likely areas related to various noise problems on 50 Mhz here.  I suspect I may have found a few already on my first drive-test, however, I have a LOT More work to do on this.  I plan to drive the areas noted in the map below VERY slowly a few more times.  I need some high wind days to drive test as well.  Some of the time wind impacts Power Line Noise issues around here.  So windy condition drive tests in the Orange areas of the map are a must.  The area marked in yellow denotes some sort of wireless device that floats around inside the Ham Radio band on 50.000 to 50.300 Mhz and tends to hang around between 50.070 and 50.170 Mhz.  It's about 30-50Khz wide FM which I can actually demodulate and hear quite easily with a wide band filter.  It shows up easily on my Pan Adapter for my 50 Mhz radio.

Here's the Map:

Some of these area have already shown up on my Driveby System GEOTAGGED map noted below with orange markers.  I've made some tweeks to the system so that these areas hopefully will show up better.

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