Tuesday, December 1, 2015

YoctoAzEl Materials List (so far)

3D Sensor (Azimuth / Tilt (Elevation)

Data Transmission from 3D Sensor to PC

Tower Mounted NEMA (4) Box (weather-tight)

  • Bud Industries Model # SNB3731 Mouser ($55 USD, I got mine new on Ebay for ($20 USD)

Rotor Controller (USB) ($90 USD)
  • CAT6 for Ethernet and Splitting between Sensor (head/base)
  • NEMA (4) Box (to mount things outside)
  • PVC (if you so choose) Aluminum NEMA 4 enclosure would be better!
  • If you use the Yocto-Ethernet you will likely also want to use a PoE type Network Switch.  This provides Power to the Yocto-Ethernet (and) Yocto-3D via same.  I'm using a Netgear FS108PNA like this one.
  • Belden 9842 (rs-485, 90% shielded braid, tin foil (dbl shield, twisted pair) $1.64 USD / Foot. Can be found here: http://www.prowireandcable.com/ib/belden-9842/9842/ Used to shield sensor "head" data from RF on it's way to the base.
  • Toriods

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