Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SSPA Project - DPS-1200fb "floater" mods

This set of mods creates a 'Floating' Supply.  Where the 12.5v output ground is not connected to the case.  This is a requirement for 3 of the 4 supplies in the 50v series I'm building.  This page describes what I'm doing somewhat.

Here's a video showing ever detail...

First thing to do is add a 500-1000 Ohm Resistor between these two pins.  This enables the device.  Simulating what would occur when it's placed inside a computer server case.

Top right adjustable pot (in the string of 3 above my thumb, top of the board).  Adjust this from stock 12.3vdc to 12.5vdc.

Next dremel off the metal stand off's and then lightly drill them until the remainder falls out.

  Add some nylon bolts, spacers, and nuts

Add lugs that'll be used to make power connections

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  1. Great Job, Plan on doing to same for my Harris 1KW 50 MHz EME Amp. Having trouble finding the P/N's for the terminals (+/- lugs)
    73, NN3Y