Monday, January 18, 2021

SDRuno IARU Region 1 S-Meter Standard

I'm not really clear on the "SDRuno" app's "IARU Region 1 S-Meter Standard" Wikipedia.

When  "SDRuno" app's "IARU Region 1 S-Meter Standard" is checked - It definitely does not match up with my R2 Yaesu FTDX-5000's S-Meter on 6 meters (50 Mhz) - it's WAY to high in SDRuno when this is checked (compared to my FTDX-5000).

The setting is here:

In the "Main" window > "Sett." > "

And as a reminder to myself I have to use the following setting to match reports between my FTDX-5000 radio and SDRuno.

Using these settings the two rigs match up very closely in my usage.

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