Sunday, August 31, 2014

IW5DHN 2nd EME via 50 Mhz (earth-moon-earth - Italy)

Been playing with EARTH-Moon-EARTH using JT65A (digital mode) on 6 meters (50 Mhz).

I didn't record the first attempt that worked a few days ago, but I did get todays attempt with IW5DHN (in Italy).

My Station is:

Radio: FTDX-5000
Amp: Converted 6m only Ameritron AL-1500 (8877 tube)
DAC/ADC: Timewave "Navigator" Interface (which I REALLY Like!)
Antenna is a: LFA-HZE up 46' fed with LMR-600UF feedline.

IW5DHN is "Matteo" He runs a VERY "EME" array with big power, so he was definitely the logical first attempt.  I don't hear all that well with local noise, but this system seems to hear quite good when the moon is around 7-10 degrees elevation.

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