Thursday, October 30, 2014

S59A EME (Slovenia)

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Friday, October 24, 2014

a useful url to verify your system time is accurate

this is a nice way to third-party check/compare your computers system time...just to insure your ntp setup is accurate.

this morning mine shows:

EME good decodes S59A

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Noise Vs. EME at this QTH (EM47qu)

So in the past few months I've learned a bit about my noise levels here in EM47qu.  Using WSJT v. 10.0's "measure" functionality I set my Azimuth to my worse noise (which is about 60-65 degrees).  Then I set the RX Noise level to 0.  Next I started to rotate the antenna here in 10 degrees increments.  This is what I found:

So it's pretty obvious by the above data that I have some rather serious EME issues in certain directions.  

Next I went here: to review the Moon Rise and Moon Set times, and Azimuths.  I also where here: and gathered the Degradation "DEGR" data and added that info to the spreadsheet below.

Using DEGR, Az Noise Measurements, and AZ, as well as the time of day (since my noise levels are quite bad normally between 8AM and 8PM (give or take some, and also depending on the weather like winds, dryness, rain, etc...) I was able to come up with some dates I suspect might be good to try again on EME.

These are the dates, and times I'll be trying to concentrate on in the coming month or so anyway to see if these data correlate well with success on EME Echo's and EME QSO's.

Also a note about success thus far since August.  These are the Azimuths where I've actually worked QSO's or heard good echo's.

117 IW5DHN
242 KG7H
98 G8BCG
84 W7JW

276 ECHO's 
281 ECHO's

These azimuths fall right in line with all the data I've gathered above.