Saturday, May 25, 2019

HA5JI JN97 Heard not worked

Friday, May 24, 2019

4X4, HA7, E73, 5B4, I

Had a nice little opening for about 1 hour or so today.

Starting around 13:34z

  • HA7TM - JN97
  • 4X4DK - KM71
  • E73DN JN93
  • 5B4AGN
  • I4EAT - JN64
  • IZ5EKV - JN53
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Sunday, May 12, 2019

First EU Opening 2019

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I only worked a few but this opening woke me up out of bed when my "DXFunnel" app alerted me to DK1MAX coming into my RX around 12z It closed here around 13:30z.

Worked DF4UE & IK3SCB via FT8

Sunday, August 26, 2018

KL7NO - heard

Early this morning KL7NO was in about 529-539 at times on CW.  Copied him on 50.105.6 and 50.125.6 Morse Code.  VE8WD/b and VE7FG/b were in for a few hours prior to KL7.  W7FI was worked here about 559/539 I think.  I held off calling KL7NO as a few folks in New England were looking for him for All-Time-New-Ones.  I copied WA1EAZ working KL7NO - both sides of it.  

KL7NO had some of the strongest doppler I've heard in a long time.  

The opening to KL7NO was around 1:30am and lasted about 20-30 minutes with varying QSB.

Unfortunately I was so 'into' the opening I forgot to snap screenshots and/or sound recordings for this blog.  I wish I had now.

Anyway it was nice to witness a good 'old school' opening.  Since there was strong AU (Aurora) and Au-E (Auroral-Es) digital modes were useless.  So it was nice to roll back and use CW again.  I haven't forgotten any!  Thankfully :-)  It's been a while since I worked CW for real qso's.  And even longer since any decent Au.

I stepped outside a few times and witness a pink sky on the northern horizon.  While K1TOL did the same and saw green tints.

It's sure nice to be back in New England!