Tuesday, June 19, 2018

FX4SIX/b (French Beacon)

Today while the band was open to Europe on 50 Mhz I noticed a large spike up in the EU "R1" Beacon band, and upon tuning it in I discovered it was FX4SIX beacon located in Neuville, France.  

Maidenhead Locator of: JN06cq is about 5300km from FN54om.

This beacon outputs 5 watts apparently, via a 7 ELE Yagi, and I think it may be pointed at 90 degrees.  Which would be opposite of where I'm located!  Which if true is even more impressive (to me anyway).

I haven't heard an EU beacon since around 2003 (via F2).

I took this video well after the beacon had peaked around 539-549.  It was in really solid at first, and I was so shocked I forgot to try to record it properly.

I found a URL which describes it

Anyway here's a video of what I did capture of it.

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