Friday, January 31, 2014

HAH!  This is good for a laugh.

I used an LP-PAN for at least 3 years.  I've used HDSDR + Realtek 2832 Dongles now for about 1.5 years.  I would NEVER (EVER, EVER, EVER) go back to using a LP-PAN and sound card.  

The price of a high end sound card, plus the cost of the LP-PAN (including shipping on both items) plus the time and effort to get the sound card adjusted properly plus the limit of only being able to see at Max 192Khz of RF spectrum is prohibitive, and simply DOES NOT PERFORM as well as Larry thinks it does in the real world.

NAP3 and use with a soundcard is downright aggivating when trying to calibrate and maintain a proper input level from the soundcard driver to NAP3.

In comparison far an away will outperform the LP-PAN.  Not only that it's cost is less than the total cost of ownership of the LP-Pan setup.  Additionally it can display with a HIGH accuracy at up to 2.4Mhz at a time rather than 192Khz.   Oh and one more thing...if you are on 6m, and you experience with the LP-PAN swamping of the display during a strong Es opening and have to constantly dick the the sound card levels, try turning on the AGC in the Dongle Driver with HDSDR instead, and RELAX, it won't happen again.

Nice try Larry, but LP-PAN vs. Realtek dongles are apples and oranges.  And your remarks show how little you really have used the USB dongles to date.  Sorry, but sound cards are OUT OF DATE for IQ data.  They just are.  Nobody wants to be locked into 192Khz or less anymore. 

I'd love to see something better like IQ via Light!  And avoid the soundcard limits and noise, and loss, etc...

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