Monday, January 27, 2014

Solar Flares Showing Up?

Still looking for more detail, but it's interesting these broad spectrum spikes seem to be around times of flares when EM47qu (my location) was still likely to see/hear the sun.

I dunno the times are close, but not really right.  more research needs to be done to make sure I'm logging the times right, I'm pretty sure I am.  If so, they don't really seem to always line up.

There's definitely something causing wide band noise, or a sweep from time to time.  The 1/27 11:08 & 20:15 seem close, as does the 22:05 and 1/28 00:31-39 is on time also.  

However in the graph below there's something at 1/28 0240 that isn't in the NOAA tabular data below.  It may be something else, or perhaps it wasn't a solar flare, but some other galactic event?  

This graph has a tighter time scale

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