Thursday, February 13, 2014

New "Cluster" box

I found a place on Ebay that sells used rack mount computer servers and got one with 4 xeon CPU's.  Each CPPU has 4 cores to 16 cores total at 2.4Ghz.  The box has 24Gb Ram and can handle up to like 192Gb LOL.  It came with 3 ea. 160Gb 7200rpm drives.  Eventually I will probably replace those with 6 ea. 1Tb 7200rpm drives found some of those New on ebay for a reasonable price as well.

This box is pretty decent!  I spent $320 total on it.  Not bad really.  All things concidered.  I which is was 48Gb Ram though.  

I will probably get 2 more of these boxes from the same seller.

I was give 2 more servers that are 8Gb Ram, and 4 cores each.  They're not fancy, but any little bit helps in a Cluster like "Hadoop".  So...I'll take um.  

I'll snap some pix of this new box soon and post um here.

This box is going to go into the RTL SDR 0-1.7Ghz monitoring system I've previous posted here about.

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