Sunday, February 16, 2014

RTL SDR RF to Hadoop Front End (0-1.7Ghz @ 1.3Khz resolution)

This is still a work in progress.  However this is what I've done so far.  All of this has been tested outside of this setup previously.  Now I'm just trying to clean things up, and get them organized for the long-haul.

I 'gutted' a 1U rack mount server case from an old Penguin-Computing box I've had in storage for many years, to use as a 'home' for all the RTL dongles in the project.  This will help keep things organized, and keep things from getting damaged, or messed up over time.

So far I have enough for 12 Dongles which gets me from 0-1.2Ghz with one of the dongles being used with an HF upconverter.  (Not snown in the photo's so far) but it will be the one farthest to the left in the top photo.

I'm using the mini-dongles from Nooelec, which seem to be quite good in testing so far.  As good if not better than the full-sized ones sold by the same company.

Pictured is a 1.5Amp 15v supply.  Which is way overkill for the two LNA's I'll be using.

I've ordered a +15v Meanwell Switching Power Supply that should be here in a week or so.  That will power all of the "Coolgear" powered-usb-hubs, as well as the 15v LNA's at 10amps.

Nice thing about using this 1U rack is that it fits neatly into my Rackmount rack.  Along with 4 Linux servers.  The RF Linux server will be running Ubuntu and provide desktop access.  There are also 3 other servers which will be used in a Hadoop-Cluster for data storage from the RF  server running 'rtl_power'.

More details will be forth-coming.  But for now this is what I can show you.

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