Sunday, August 12, 2018

Antenna Setup for 2018

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This antenna is a an Innovantennas "WOS" LFA2.
There are two ropes.  One main one is about 1/2" wide.   And the others are mil spec rope about 1/8" wide capable of 550 lbs.    The antenna is suspended from the main 1/2" rope by about 1 foot below it which allows me to swivel it (arm strong style).  There is an 1/8" rope on the front and the back which are tied off on two small logs which I can place anywhere.

This way I can rotate the antenna.  And the two ropes with logs tied to them act as anchors.

It's worked well all season.  The antenna is only up just barely 20 ft I think at it's center.

Note that I am tilting it UP in the front about 15-20 degrees at times.  Trying to clear the trees, and test an old 'theory' I've heard about tilting antenna's like this.  It's worked well.  Seems to do better on the remote end when it's tilted up, I suspect do to less tree clutter absorbing RF out.  BUT that's just a hunch.

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