Saturday, May 23, 2020

New Tower (finally started construction)

I've finally begun construction of a new Free-Standing Rohn 55G tower which will be feet high.  That height will be 2x the height I've been at since arriving here...with my Rope-Tower suspending the 32ft long boom yagi from two trees SEEN HERE.

After 5 test holes 3 of which I ran into sold bed-rock (that's what you tend to get in Maine living on an island) I finally found a decent spot.

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Here you can still see my 'Rope Tower' in the background. 

First test hold near the large bolder (right) 3 ft to solid bedrock

To Shallow for my taste and I didn't want to drill bed rock for anchors 

I had to move to the south about 4 feet to avoid more bed rock.
So I'll have to add some framing now, and backfill it.

This whole will be 5x5 feet and 4.5 feet deep when I'm all done.  It's currently a little more than 5 feet deep, but I'll be adding crushed rock to the base.

Almost ready for backfill - this only happened because I bumped into bed rock in the area on the right so I have to move over a bit.

On 5/25 I finished all the basic prep work I'm going to do and I have the tower plum vertically and braced in place to keep it skidding around as they dump concrete in the whole.

YAY and it's PLUM / Level!  Whoot!


Big tree removal - One more to go after this one

Tower Raising

One half section remaining.  When completed the Top antenna will be at about 42 ft.

Last section in place 4:48pm 20mph wind gusts (yuck)

No more tower sections.

Just need to mount some antenna's, and a rotor and some wires and call it done.

Camera angle is weird by you get the idea.  It's not pointing downward, its horizontal.   I was in a hurry this morning.  Wind picked up 6/1/2020 and I wasn't able to really get as much down as I wanted to.  But I did cut down 3 more trees one was a 60ft'er about 2ft around.

When this is done there will be another identical antenna half way between the ground and the top one.  It'll be fixed on EU (at least for now) The top one will rotate.  They will be switchable where BOTH are in use the same time, or just the top, or just the bottom you get the idea (Bip/Bop).

For SCALE the antenna the top is 32 ft long :-)

I got this antenna up around 8am I think.

Here is what it's heard from 8am until 4pm


  1. Now THAT'S a hole! A mighty BIG hole. A hole to be proud of! :)

  2. Nice rig. We all hate you. :))))))

    Steve, N4JQQ