Saturday, August 20, 2022

6m: Season Wrap-Up

This was a strange season.  We had some early indicators of long haul paths, and then it all knocked down for a while.  Later paths like UN, and JA, a few from Arabia (not many this season.  Notable missing this season were any A4's.  A9 was only seen for a total of about 6 decodes all season here.

That said tho it was a good season, just very different from what we've had the past 4-5 years.  

I managed to work 4 new DXCC Countries, and came close with ZL7DX, E51WL, and TR8CA.  I was decoded by ZL7DX on two different occasions and the same thing with E51WL.  Both of them were just otherwise occupied when it was open from here.  I almost completed with TR8CA but lost propagation in the last minute - literally.

ZD7BG - Saint Helena Island

ER5GB - Moldova

Z66X - Republic of Kosovo

HL2DBP, HL2IFR, HL3GOB - Republic of South Korea

With these new ones that brings my count up to 171 DXCC worked on 6m.  170 are confirmed in LoTW.  I'm still waiting for a QSL card from ZD7BG.

Of Note:

BA4SI, BH4SCF - China (not a new DXCC but new for my Maine QTH)

TR8CA - The Gabon (the one that got away)

I surpassed the 1000 VUCC mark this season.  I've only been active here about 4.5 seasons so that feels pretty good.

FFMA: 383 - 342  =  41 new
VUCC: 1019 - 857 =  162 new

1018 confirmed via LoTW in 4.5 Es Seasons

It might be too early to post this 'end of season' stuff, if so I'll update this as it happens.

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