Sunday, August 6, 2023

6m: Season Wrap-Up

Since we had some F2 and probably F2/TEP this year which started in February and shutdown just before the 'official Es season' began I'm including those results in this as well.  Partly because the 2023 Es season was really quite a let down over all.  The only new DXCC I worked on Es this year was TZ4AM via CW.  The other six new DXCC for a total of 7 so far this year were 3D2AG, D2UY, TR8CA, 3B9FR, 3B8FA, 1A0C.

Regarding Es tho, we had a few really decent Es openings to EU, and JA but they never extended well into UN or BA/HL/BV/BY this year like they did last last year.  I did decode some UNs but wasn't able to work any new ones.

In fact, this season has been so poor that on a boring Sunday July 16th I've sat down to create this Season wrap-up.  It's now Aug 6th, and I've worked a few more Grids, and 1A0C for #178.  So while the season hasn't died out completely, and there is still some luck left in the air, I'm thinking that there's no way much more will occur based on the lack luster behavior of this season so far.

3B9FR - Rodriguez Island - DXCC #172

3B8FA - Mauritius - DXCC #173

TZ4AM - Mali - DXCC #174

D2UY - Angola - DXCC #175

3D2AG - Figi - DXCC #176

TR8CA - Gabon - DXCC #177

1A0C - Sov. Military Order of Malta - DXCC #178

FFMA: 394 - 383 = 11 new

VUCC: 1088 - 1019 = 69 new

1088 confirmed via LoTW in 5.5 Es seasons


Worked FR (not new)

Missed DM02

Missed RF64

Heard A71, and 9K2 this year, and no sign of A4 or A9 in 2023 :(

Heard V51JH:

October F2 2022:

9J2BS - Zambia (NOT NEW):

November F2 2022:

7Q6M - Malawi - (HEARD):

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