Saturday, June 25, 2022

6m: 2022-06-25

I'm not posting a 24 hour map because is being stupid and by the time it stops being stupid I won't be able to get all the lines to UN, and EY from the day.  

EY8MM, UN3G, and UN3GX where in during the morning.  Nothing else all day, very weak 6m day aside from a few Field Day stations.

I didn't work anyone all day.

DX Grids Heard (Num. of Decodes): 
MM48 => 2
MN83 => 5
PM29 => 3

Callsign Detail Worked (Num. of QSOs):

2022-06-25 Sum-Totals By Callsign Prefix Worked (Num. of QSOs): 

2022-06-25 Sum-Totals By Fields Heard (Num. of Decodes): DM(12),DN(1),EL(6),EM(132),EN(36),FM(32),FN(1920),MM(2),MN(5),PM(3)

2022-06-25 Sum-Totals By DXCC Prefix Heard (Num. of Decodes): EY(2),K(1352),UN(4),VE(31)

Total Decodes: 2149

Total Worked: 0

Frequency Activity Heard
50.313 (1842)
50.323 (307)

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