Tuesday, June 7, 2022

6m: ER5GB - KN45 - Worked #169

NOT an easy QSO.  Band was SUPER CROWDED, too busy for screen shots

121330 -19  0.4 2611 ~ CQ NA ER5GB KN45  

121330 -26 1.6 2609 ~ WW1L ER5GB R-11 °Moldova

121930 -9 0.1 2226 ~ WW1L ER5GB 73 °Moldova

Confirmed via Email

Hello, Tim! WW1L
Yes, yesterday was the first ES
(multi-hop) to USA from our zone.
Before we just observed on West Europe QSO with USA/VE. 
2022.06.07  12-17 WW1L TX-19 RX-18 FT8 50MHz. .......QRA KN45CV
I transmitted "73" a few times for you, hi! 
   Soon I'll fill up my log in LoTw.
If you need my paper QSL, you can send direct or via ER-Bureau!
  73! Hope to meet you soon agein!
          GL!  Alex. ER5GB (Cahul, Moldova)

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