Thursday, November 12, 2015

YoctoAzEl - Targeting the Moon (III)

I've been busy, busy, busy on this application.

Since my last post I was able to get a set of USB controller Relays to turn on and off to power a Rotor.

I've also been spec'ing out the use of PWM Controllers for Brushed DC Motors.  Average price ranges on these are about $50-150.00 on average, but I still have a lot more investigation to go on that.  I'd much rather use a PWM type controller to limit current to the DC motors without modifying Voltage.  This is a much safer way to go.  Additionally I like the idea of PWM as I can then control the speed of the motor, unlike using a Relay to pulse (which can surge) on and off, this applies voltage and can slowly ramp up and ramp down the current to the load required.  Making it possible to slowly start turning antenna's and then slowly stop, instead of jerking motions.  Which is basically hard on everything in the long run. was really a good day.  The Yocto-Wireless-g module arrived.  About 30 minutes later I had it running with my code.  I took some time to do firmware updates on the new module as well as my Yocto-3d.  And also I wanted to try to setup the new Wireless Wifi USB hub to work within my current LAN.

After that I started looking at what would be required as far as code changes in the app and much to my utter amazement....I only really had to add ONE LINE of code.  That was it.  Period.  Nothing else.

After that when I started my application it just worked over wifi instead of a direct WIRED connection to the sensor.  THIS IS SOME COOL SH*T!

Here's a brief video demo'ing it working, as well as the relay board that is being controlled by my application and some other toys I've been playing with in the Application.

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