Sunday, December 27, 2015

YoctoAzEl - Running on a PIPO X9 (micro win10 pc)

So a few weeks ago I discovered these nifty little Kiosk type Micro PC's made by PIPO.  I found one on for about $180 it has Windows 10 (Home) preinstalled no additional licensing required.  It runs just like a normal Windows 10 PC would on a small scale.  

It has more than enough system resources to be a perfect little TOUCH SCREEN desktop device to replace my old Rotor Controller.  And it can run 24/7 without requiring all the power hungry-ness of a normal computer.

It arrived today (Sunday!  what? ok cool).  I unboxed, plugged in power and a network cable on the same private network my desktop was plugged into which runs to the Yocto-Ethernet up on the tower, and then connected to the Yocto-3D.  (see other posts on this blog for details on that stuff).  I setup the WiFi also to get Windows updates and what-not.

I then downloaded my YoctoAzEl app from github, and ran it.  And...wha lah, it just works!  Wow!  Coolness.

I have some application changes to make to accomodate my app on a TOUCH SCREEN a little better, but for the most part it works right out of the box.

Here's a little demo first view of the PIPO X9 running YoctoAzEl.

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