Tuesday, July 31, 2018

EI0SIX/b 50.005 and GB3MCB/b 50.443 etc...

Today I copied both EI0SIX/b IO63 [Ireland] about 519-529 peak, and GB3MCB/b [England] IO70 probably about the same level.

Around the same time I also copied F5ZMT/b, and F5ZKY/b as well as FX4SIX/b [France]

The French beacons were quite a bit stronger, some peaking to about 569 at times.

My Anan "Hermes" SDR which runs "Skimmer Server" on both 50.000-50.130 and 50.400-50.590 also picked up on two of the F5/b's.  That's a first for this location with automatically spotting EU CW beacons up in their "R1" beacon band.  

It was a really strong opening into mostly Western EU today.

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