Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Beaglebone Black replacements to progress on the PLN "Driveby" App

After a month or so working with the Beaglebone Black (which I really do like) I've come to the conclusion that it's just simply not powerful enough to run my "Driveby" app that I've been working on.  So I've ordered one each of these to move forward.
The Parallella can run 16 cores and I'll be using that running Linux to manage the numerous RTL Dongle Receivers for the project.

The Nvidia TK1 will handle some of the data crunching and Web App portion of the application.  This board comes with a SATA connector and I've ordered a small 120Gb SSD drive to attach to it as well.  I will likely setup NFS on this board/ssd and allow the Parallella to write it's log data there over a network connected.

This is probably a LOT more horsepower than I really need.  But puts me in a better position for expansion or later reuse of the various bits from this project for other projects.

These probably won't be here until late next week I suspect.  

It's not so much that the Beaglebone Black is bad or underpowered generally speaking.  It's actually a fantastic device for the $55.00 I paid for it.  I could have also clustered them, but that would add complexity to an otherwise simple system.  $55.00 PER CORE it just more than I am willing to pay is the bottom line.  It doesn't feel or behave the way I would like my application to running on a single core.  And cuts me down to about 45% of the total capacity I would actually like to have when it's running at 200% of the cpu's capability.  That's just not good scenario long term, and eventually would end up failing.  It definitely will not scale for my applications requirements in a cost effective way.

I have other plans for the Beaglebone Black however, so it will DEFINITELY be reused in another project I am 100% sure of that :-)

Anyway...just wanted to post an update.

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