Friday, August 26, 2016

SSPA Project - 50Vdc @ 200 Amp - First Power ON

"Smoke test" = OK :-)  So that's good.  I didn't mux anything up.  I checked and tripple checked everything.  Trying NOT to explode anything.  And that effort appeared to pay off.

I worked most of the day on getting things ready to fire up tonight.  The only thing I don't have wired up is "bank2" as well as the Ammeter.  I have the shunt, and wire just have to wire that all up.  I'm waiting for some large battery posts to run DC wire out of the case.

So there are basically 2 'banks' (1 and 2) each 'bank' had 4 dps-1200fb supplies running 12.5vdc in series.  Which equals 50.0vdc.  Then the two banks are setup in parallel.  Each bank is capable of 100 amps, combined the entire system is capable of 200 amps.

The new Step-Start works, but needs some tweaking.  It has the INRUSH down from 11 amps to 8.5.  But I think with some more attention to it I can get that down below 1/2 of that.  I didn't have anything setup as a jig to test that function until now, so I should be able to make some good progress on that.

I'm using 2 AWG to run < 6 ft up to where the Amps will be located.

Here is a video showing the state of things during the test.  And how it went.

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