Monday, August 8, 2016

SSPA Project - Part 1

I've ordered just about everything I think I'll need to build a 200 Amp 50Vdc Power Supply for this new Solid State Amp project.  I estimate that FULL power (will never be used) would require about 132 Amps.   So I'm building a supply that can MORE than handle that.

The point in OVERBUILDING this project is most about HEAT - and trying for A LACK THEREOF.  

Since I enjoy running WSJT and QRO on EME I want to be able to run 1.5kw with as little stress on all of the components of this amp as possible.

I've come up with a functional (and I think decent) Step-Start design for the 8 each 1200w @ 12v (100amp each) power supplies.  Typical server power supplies have a fairly big surge on power up.  So starting up 8 of them at the same time over two 240v @ 30A circuits needs to be done gently :-)  In order not to trip the breaker. (I think).

I'll post details on this step-start system for the 8 each HP  DPS-1200fb power supplies once I've built/tested/and completed it. 

I think I've got everything I'll need for this end of the project on the way in here.  Should all be here this week by Friday I suspect.  


Once I have this new Power Supply built I'll be ordering all the actual BLF188xr bits I need, and spec'ing out / building input/output combiners for 4 of them.

Yeah...I told you this was gonna be a big amp.

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