Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SSPA Water Cooler - Concept

I am planning to use water cooling (as well as some lower cfm fans which run quiet) for my 4x BLF188XR amp.  I don't know much about water cooling to be honest, so these are just some ideas I have.  I tend to use this blog as my online notebook.  So that I can refer back to it where ever I am.  So this may or may not be what I end up doing, but I suspect it will be close to this 'concept' at least.

OK so the pallet cooling plate is this bit of hardware.  I got these on eBay (2 of them).  I suspect I'll only use one, but I may end up using 2 instead.  I'm starting off with ONE for now.  But I have another in-reserve if needed.  These cost about $212 each new, I got them for $100 ea. on Ebay.  They're heavy, and very nicely made.  There's enough room to mount all four of the BLF188XR (w6pql) Pallets with heat spreader's if I go the route of using just one of these coolers.

On the back side of this (opposite the pallets that'll mount on the top) I will have a large heat sink with fins and 36 cfm fans blowing across them. (there would also be space for adding "62mm TEC" devices (like maybe 3 of them) between the cooler plate and the heat sink.  If I really need a boost.

The radiators noted above in the diagram are water cooling type rad's used for PC's.  These are 240mm long and 120mm wide and only cost $25 ea. on Ebay.

The reservoir will be 2 or 4 gallons I suspect.  I haven't decided on what to use here yet.  But it will probably be a metal barrel.  

lastly the pump is a Swiftech MCP655 which cost between $76 and $110 depending on where you buy from.  This particular one I'll use will cost $76 from Amazon Prime and it has a 5 speed adjustment on it.  

These pumps are SUPER QUIET and they tend to last forever!  They have 1/2" ID ports.  It's important to NOT restrict in the inlet port so I'll be using 1/2" ID tubing for the INPUT and probably 3/8" ID tubing on the OUTLET (bound for the cooler plate).

I suspect this setup will be EXTREMELY QUIET!  And that's the point of it.  I can't stand loud fans whining while I'm trying to listen to a speaker or while I'm talking on a mike in the background.

The power supply I've built for this amp is fairly quiet, and this area will be even quieter.  So all in all this should be a very quiet setup. 

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