Wednesday, June 23, 2021

2021-06-23 Opening (NA Only)

DX Grids Heard (Num. of Decodes): 

DL74 => 5

DL98 => 1

EK53 => 7

Callsign Detail Worked (Num. of QSOs):

VE2NRG  FN25    Canada  1       Lotw: (no)

VE3SCP  EN94    Canada  1       Lotw: (yes)

WB8LYJ/R        EM73    United States   291     Lotw: (yes)

Sum-Totals By Callsign Prefix Worked (Num. of QSOs): K(1),VE(2)

Sum-Totals By Fields Heard (Num. of Decodes): DL(6),EK(7),EL(48),EM(113),EN(58),FM(51),FN(1814),GN(2)

Sum-Totals By DXCC Prefix Heard (Num. of Decodes): K(1451),VE(50),XE(3),YS(7)

Total Decodes: 2099

Total Worked: 3

Frequency Activity Heard

50.313 (1880)

50.323 (219)

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