Friday, September 16, 2016

SSPA Power Supply - Load Test #3

The new 10 Gallon water tight steel barrel is here, as are my 6 each 120vac/1500w/10Ohm water heater elements and some Stainless Steel 1" NPS with o-ring seals.  I bought a cheap set of 'step-drill bits' that step from 1/8" to 1 3/8".

I semi-randomly cut 6 holes in my new water tight barrel and inserted the water heater elements and attached the 1" NPS nuts and o-rings.

This will end up being my high-amperage load-tester.  There's plenty of space for 12 more heater elements if I wanted to pull 100 Amps @ 53vdc with this setup it would take a total of 18 water heater elements.

So once that's been done, the next step is to add a INLET and OUTLET from the 'tank' (barrel) so that I can flush cold water though it while it's in use.  If I didn't care that I 'wasted' water I could just just use garden hose and bulk-head fittings and run water out of the 'tap' through the tank and out into the garden or something.

But what I'm going to do is locate a small car radiator, and 12vdc fan and a water DC water pump and just recirculate the water I think.

My first test will probably be the garden-hose method :-)  Because it's quick and simple and should help me locate any leak issues.

Here's some of the construction pictures.  So far the only expensive bits where the 10 Gallon Barrel (I paid $25 shipping :( ) and the SS nuts which were $45.00.  I could really have just used any 1" NPS nut but these were about as perfect as I could find.  6 each heating elements costs $30.00 (amazon prime makes shipping free).  So this'll test up to about 33 amps @ 53 vdc as I've already discovered.  $50.00 more in heating elements and 12 more holes in my barrel will get me right up to 100 amps.  Which is the max that one "bank" of 4 supplies in series will provide.

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