Monday, September 19, 2016

SSPA Power Supply - Load Test #5 (coming soon)

Today I ordered 6 more 120v / 1500 watt / 10 ohm water heater elements to add to my load-test-barrel :-)  That'll bring the amperage up to about 64-66 amps or so.  Should be a good solid test for this 200 amp capable power supply.  

The heating elements are fairly cheap at around $5.80 each.  So no big deal there.  But the 1" NPS Stainless Steel nutz that go inside the barrel to mount them are almost $8.00 each.  (I'd try a different nut if I could find one, if I was doing this over again, or if I built another like this, but fortunately I won't have to build another one like this cause this one is all mine :-)

I *MAY* purchase another 6 elements and nuts sometime to get this load tester up to 100 amp capable.  But I don't think I'd go much higher. about a week or so I should have these 6 I ordered today added into the load test barrel and present a test here on the blog.

66 amps should be enough to press these 8 supplies hard enough so that the fans will come on and the system will generate some heat I think.  (besides the water in the water in the barrel).  If not, then I'll have no more worries about this supplies ability to be pressed VERY hard.  So far at 33 amps it's not even feeling it.  Not at all.  Things are about the same was when it's all on idle!  Seriously.  That's pretty impressive to me.

So, more to come when the next parts come in.  

After this next round of tests, I'll be ready to start getting the RF amplifier parts ordered and built ready to be used with this power supply.


Parts all arrived together yesterday, I'll be upgrading the Load Tester later today 9/22.

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