Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Driveby" app almost ready to run

This week I completed the Web Gui that runs the "Driveby" app I've been building.  Software-wise this is effectively done.  

What's left to complete is to build the hardware antenna mounting system that'll go in the back of my truck.  I have the primary discone antenna to be used with the RTL's and HackRF as well as all cabling.  I have up to 10 feet of antenna mast and I just need to get some PVC to build the stand off for the Yocto-3D compass (to keep it away from metal that can effect the accuracy of the compass readings.  Once I have that it probably won't take more than an hour or so to complete that stuff.

So probably around Christmas vacation time I'll be getting this all on the road for a maiden test run.

I'll post pix and video of how that goes as soon as I have some test results or until I have some test results.  I really think this will all 'just work' and be perfectly fine on the first run.  Testing from a stationary point so far seems to run flawlessly now.

The intent of this "Driveby" app has a core goal of being able to accurately indicate geo-location tagged areas with high RF noise levels and be able to be mapped real-time and reviewed after a drive test or compared with previous tests.  And to do all of this as cheaply as possible.  So far I'm very pleased with the hardware and the software and the costs.

More on all of this as soon as I have some REAL data to post.  Shouldn't be much longer!

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