Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Parallella 16 "Desktop" with RTL-SDR Tools working now...(1,2)

Parallella 16 install of RTL TOOLS

sudo vi /etc/passwd 
changed from /bin/tcsh to /bin/bash (but that's just me)
exit and log back in again


sudo apt-get install cmake libboost-all-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev -y


cd someplace you want this code to be located.  In my case I just did this in linaro's home (e.g. /home/linaro)

git clone git://

cd rtl-sdr/
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig



TEST if it's working:

rtl_eeprom -d 0

results in:

BTW I ran three instances of rtl_test -d[0-2] and NO samples were lost at FULL BANDWIDTH.  If this continues to work like this then we're really ONTO SOMETHING GOOD.

STILL NOT HOLDING MY BREATH.  There are just too many posts about how unreliable the USB has been.  I'll continue to HAMMER my Parallella 16 via USB for a while to see if this is a perm. resolution. (I doubt it will be, but hoping for some goodness).

POWERED DOWN...disconnected everything.

Waited for 2 hours then returned and started it all back up.  NO USB (again).  Figured this is what would happen.

I've also power cycled several times, and found that if I remove the network cable, remove power from the powered hub and  then apply power to the Parallella and quickly plug in the network plug that things will boot up and the USB will come up with it.

I suspect there might be a ground loop on board, or perhaps the hub is feeding power the board, I know some devices don't like to see that on boot up.

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