Friday, December 12, 2014

ODROID XU3 - One more mini Computer to test

I ordered a ODROID XU3 today to test after hearing from a trusted friend that these perform very well.  I want to test one using one of them in the "Driveby" App I'm working on.  (and of course if it doesn't do well with this application I have a TON of other uses for something like this in the future, just like all the others I've bought so far).

Here is a link to this one (this is a US distributor)

Here is the OEM link (this is the OEM from Korea)

  • In case you are curious as to what other uses I've been talking about may be:
    • A standalone SDR instead of running things on my PC offload the work to a standalone system like one of these mini-computers.
    • A weather station accessible via the internet
    • A azimuth and elevation indicator using a Yocto-3D for an EME Array
    • A hybrid weather station/azimuth indicator/active antenna controller:
      • A device which monitors weather conditions and rotates my large antenna to stay WITH the prevailing winds.

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