Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jetson TK1 and Parallella 16 Desktop working together

The past week I've been working to get TK1 and Parallella (para) sharing the load of all the devices included in the "Driveby" project. 

This is the replacement system for the Beaglebone Black (bbb).  The BBB was able to run
all of these things now being run on the TK1 and PARA except that when more than one RTL was running things slowly began to load the system up to the point that things would become unreliable within about 20 minutes.

There's a LOT going on with this now.  Getting to this point required learning to compile and install a new Kernel on the TK1 that supports NFSD (network file sharing server).  And installing the correct Kernel and FPGA code on the Parallella so that USB would work reliably.

The new system design layout inblock diagram form looks like this (more or less):

This entire system runs off of 12vdc!  Included is also a (12v) DC-DC (5v) converter that powers the 10p USB2 hub RTL's and the Parallella.  The 12v leg powers the DC-DC converter as well as the Nvidia Jetson TK1, 4p USB3 hub, Digital Compass (yocto-3d), L10 GPS as well as a 1Gb Network hub.

The code for all of this hasn't really changed much.  Some file path changes were required, and that's really about it.

There are two Apache2 servers running.  One on the TK1 and one on the Para.  The primary control web GUI runs on the TK1, and it access the web service on the Para when turning on and off the RTL's.

I have still have a fair amount of Web Design and RPC to complete to make things run a little smoother, and look a little nicer.  However the system is basically ready to be used.

I need to lay out all the hardware in a container to keep things from sliding around and getting damaged while driving.  But besides those things this thing actually works!

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