Friday, June 18, 2021

RW5C - KO85 - European Russia



  1. Congrats Tim. What occurs to me ,looking at your waterfall, is that you rarely see stations above 3000Hz. Same here in Europe. Although many use the IC-7300 which is able to listen 3600Hz wide. It's a strange thing...73, Bas

    1. I suppose most Rigs Hams use don't have Audio filters that will eeek out enough audio to drive their RF output at above 2.8-3Khz. So in order to do that they've have to shift their TX up 1Khz or so to effectively drive RF out in that range. I believe in the large EU openings that I DO see them up as far as 3.5Khz at times.

      Maybe using 'Fake It' mode would allow for this more easily.

      I would guess TX Audio filtering is the reason you don't see them up there, that and the fact that many are simply 'appliance operators' who aren't thinking deeply enough about what's possible :)

      I run 4Khz RX filter here. SO I can see up to there. WSJT/JTDX can RX from 0 to 5000hz.