Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DRIVEBY System Live on the road

UPDATE Code for this now available here

After a bit of work last night I got the GPS working again.  Just needed to re-seat the USB cable in the hub for the GPS.  Today I got out with a large discone antenna that covers 25-1300Mhz and was able to get good GEOTAGGED Data with the Driveby System.

Here is a screen shot of one of the heatmaps:

There are some areas that are pretty obvious others are more subtle.  It's difficult to drive slow enough for the system to get good contigious GEO tagged data.  However, this is working pretty good for a first REAL RUN since I've been working on it and testing with it.

I'll do some tweaks to speed up gps readings, and noise floor readings so that I can drive at least 30mph.  I tried to do about 20mph as much as I could and slower when there was no real traffic around.

Notice how even 144 (2m) Mhz is effected by this noise.  This is the first location where I've seen this.

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