Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ameren UE Utility Power Pole 572795

Pole 572795 is now a prime suspect in my search for local Power Line Noise.  It seems to be emitting huge amounts of RFI between 44 and 51 Mhz.  See my recent post about this HERE.

I reran the Driveby System today (yeah, I need to come up with a better name than this!) this time I replace the 49 Mhz scan with 44.252 Mhz.  By the way, this noise source peak migrates it's primary frequency during the daylight hours about 200 Khz.  This morning when it was < 35 F outside it was around 44.485 Mhz and at the time I reran this test today in the afternoon around 4:30pm it was around 44.252 Mhz.

I'll update this post shortly with new Driveby System Maps that this round replaced 49 Mhz with 44 Mhz.  This made a HUGE difference in the end-resulting map, and seriously pinpointed the power pole noted above.

So it seems that the key at least in this case so far was to use a wideband pan-adapter to hunt for a massive spike noise source.  Once I did that I was able to easily identify the pole(s) I now now about.  Incidentally these poles are between 600-700 ft from my home.

In this particular case it appears that there are also some SERIOUS safety concerns.  The primary ground line has been severed about 1.5 ft. above the earth...and the wire coming down from the negative neutral AC line is simply dangling in the air a prime target for any middle-school kid to grab hold of it (because they're stupid).

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