Thursday, January 15, 2015

Radio Receiver - Google Chrome App - Works

I tested this app this morning and it seems to work fine.  I've been thinking about a light weight AM receiver that I could use while driving around with the Driveby System to listen to various frequencies.

GQRX also seems to work fine, but not really as light weight as the Google Chrome App.  GQRX is quite nice however, and I wouldn't rule it out.  The issue is the laptop I'm using is quite low end.  And basically I really only want to hear noise while I drive, I don't care about a waterwall, vfo, or any other modes than AM really since this works the best for listening to Power Line noise.

Setup of the Google App "Radio Receiver" for use with RTL's is about as simple as it gets that I've seen.  Nice little app.

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