Saturday, July 25, 2020

2x "WOS" LFA Stack Update

About a week or so after I put up the two "WOS" LFA's I decided to add 'switching' so that I could have "TOP ONLY" antenna, "BOTH IN PHASE" and "BOTH OUT OF PHASE".  I also moved the "delay line" (1/2 wave length of coax) from the Bottom antenna to the top for the "BOP" (both of of phase).  

SWR for TOP only remains 1.00:1 (I'm still shocked by that)
SWR for BOTH through the power divider I built is 1.2:1 "BIP"
SWR for BOTH in "BOP" is about 1.15:1

SWR does not change when I turn the top antenna and the bottom remains fixed.  

The "BIP" mode (both antennas in phase) works excellent thus far.  There haven't been enough openings to EU to really fully test any of them yet.  

I have noticed in "BIP" the noise drops enough to notice.  1 to 2.5 dB
In "BOP" noise seems to remain about the same as "TOP" only...when the band isn't open.  Just using Baby Monitors to test with.  Not really a good test since I think "BOP" ("UpTilt") really likely only shows a major improvement when the band is open, and signals are coming from High Angles.  But I don't have enough experience with it yet to know.

Last night when I had OH, SM, LA and TF in here "BIP" made the difference.  Without it things pretty much dropped out.  This seems to matter most when in my testing so far when signals are quiet weak.  making the difference between decoding and or hearing the DX vs. NOT.  

I'll need more time with this setup but so far results are really encouraging.

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