Friday, July 31, 2020


If you are using "VAC" by the same name found here:
Please READ what it says on that page about the Trial version YOU are using (well if this pertains to you).

If you are using VOX to key your radio (or using Remote Ham Radio [in this specific case]) and you happen to notice your are Transmitting every 5-6 seconds - STOP!

If you are using the "VAC" noted above, after 30 seconds it will begin to emit in a female voice the word "Boing".  If you are using FT8 it will do this while you are sending FT8 *AND* while you are in the Receive sequence at least 2 times "Boing" <5 sec> "Boing".

Most folks this happens to didn't read the warning on the download page, and or are not even aware that they're using the "Trial" version.  They are normally shocked that this is Them, and tend NOT to believe it.  LOL what can I say....humans...go figure.

Anyway...the way to STOP this is to PAY for your version (see the URL above!) OR use a truly free version made by someone else.  There are several free virtual audio cable software.

In this case I bring it up because several of us in the Maine and Nova Scotia have spotted this occurring from the FN65, or FN64 area and very strong.  It also coincided with the time that WA9PIE showed up on Remote Ham Radio this morning.  It stopped around 12:42 UTC.

Here's video of how this looks on the Receiving side here.

A follow up to this Mike emailed me back and kindly thanked me for letting him know about this.  It's nice when we hams are able to communicate effectively, and cooperatively to resolve a mutual problem.  So Thank you Mike for that!

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